You Can Develop your Psychic Abilities!
Nothing can make you psychic, because you already ARE psychic. The word psychic comes from the Greek psukhikos, meaning "of the soul". The recordings offered here were created by Marc Reymont (New Age Awareness), and Rev. William Duby, the Founder of the Academy for Psychic Studies (established 1982). They are a simple way for anyone to begin to refine and train their psychic/psychic energy and abilities.

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You CAN develop your Psychic Abilities! Click here to learn how...

Meditation Observation Exercise
A classic recording designed to prepare students for intensive training at the Academy for Psychic Studies.

Be Still & Know
Clear your mind effortlessly with color, and tune up your clairvoyance.

Developing Your Psychic Awareness
Learn about the awareness you've always had within you.

Blowing Roses - How to Create and Destroy at the Energy Level
Tap into the power of the deeply symbolic rose...

Using Your Psychic Shield
Learn how to strengthen the energy around your body to protect you from unwanted influences.

Astral Bodies Workshop
Learn how to use your psychic abilities to picture and feel a whole new experience. Fun!

Cleansing Your Astral Body

Effectively Using Your Psychic Healing Power

Meditation for Prosperous Awakening/Running Energy I
The ABC's of psychic work.

The Absolute Need for Practical Meditation
Learn what you need to know about psychic vampires.





"Freedom is the Essence of Life"
Academy for Psychic Studies

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