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How to End Depression in Your Life &
Meditation for Females

with Debi Livingston & Angela Silva

This recording reveals how we cause ourselves to become depressed. As women, we are programmed to give, give, give. Although there is nothing wrong with giving, there comes a point when we begin to give too much. This is called "giving ourselves away." Debi goes into great detail about this. Angela leads a female meditation to help you bring your energy back around your body, to unhook from the outside world, and experience well-being and wholeness. The information on this recording is timeless, extremely valuable and a validation to all females.

Track 1: How To End Depression In Your Life (27:09)
Track 2: Meditation For Females (25:47)

Note: As this recording was originally captured over 20 years ago, you may notice imperfections in recording quality. Please be patient! We believe the value of the content more than makes up for it!

CD Format $10.00
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What Every Woman Needs to Know to Relate to Men
Channeling of the Infinite Spirit of Life with Rev. William Duby
Preparatory Meditation with Debi Livingston

Ever find yourself wondering if you will ever enjoy a successful relationship? Would you like to know how to overcome situations with men where you felt betrayed?
Want to know what you really need to know before you select the man for your next relationship? You’ll hear honest and amazing answers on this very real and profound show.

Track 1: Preparation Meditation Exercise with Debi Livingston (18:50)
Track 2: Channeled Message with Rev. Duby (25:04)

CD Format $10.00





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