Learn the Metaphysical meaning
of the Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice

Through the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice, Mother Earth's energy does phenomenal work breaking down all that was built throughout the year. This energy is also active in each of our personal lives. Consciously making use of this special time of year allows us to clear out the year's harvested crops and weeds, and prepare the soil of our energy and minds for our heart's desire to manifest next spring.

The recordings offered here were created by Marc Reymont (New Age Awareness), and Rev. Bill Duby, the Founder of the Academy for Psychic Studies (established 1982). They are a simple way for anyone to begin to learn about and train their metaphysical abilities.

We hope you enjoy them. They have helped us tremendously.

Leaving the Painful Past Behind
We cannot receive the new if we have not let go of the old. Pain from the past is carried forward in our lives unless we leave it behind. Use this recording and wipe the slate clean!


Finding Your Health, Wealth & Well-Being
A great trance recording specifically designed to give you the no-effort experience of "dumping" loads of thoughts and emotions you no longer want or need.

The Way to Get Unstuck - THANKSGIVING!
It's easy to lose sight of the spiritual significance of the holidays in the hustle and bustle of the season. Learn to reconnect to the vibration of gratitude and rejoicing, the first step in enjoying life and receiving change.

Cleansing the Subconscious Mind - Part 1
Continue through the fall by positively using the dying cycle of the planet to cleanse your own personal atmosphere - your subconscious mind!

Cleansing the Subconscious Mind - Part 2
More exercises and information to clear your mind of the past and genetic programming so you are free to experience a whole new future.

Removing Mental Blocks
You have the ability to manifest anything imaginable! What is stopping you? Find out in the next step in the series of fall classes.

Winter Solstice Forgiveness Meditation
The winter solstice is one of the most still and holy moments of the year. This is the time to let go of ALL grudges and resentments - against yourself and others.

The Renewed You
Time to be reborn! Begin to take your first steps in your new life as you learn about the metaphysical parallels between Christ, the Earth and you.

Manifesting Your Goals in the New Year
You've cleansed your mind and cleared the slate, now what is it that you want to experience. Get the metaphysical insight to creating your whole year.

Planting Seeds for Prosperity
You have prepared the soil of your mind and soul, and the forty days following the Winter Solstice is the most receptive time to plant the seeds of what you would like to experience.




"Freedom is the Essence of Life"
Academy for Psychic Studies

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