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Your Healthy Life Program CD:
Ending Bad Habits & Creating Positive Change with Hypnosis
by Debi Livingston, BCH, CI

Your Healthy Life Program begins with this CD. This has been called the multi-vitamin of habit control recordings because the techniques used can be applied to any habit you yearn to be free from. Do you want to quit smoking? Eat less? Strop procrastinating? Do you want to exercise more, eat healthier foods and think well of yourself? This recordiing will help you stop unwanted habits and keep you motivated to live your Healthy Life Program starting today!


Wonder - Treat for the Soul DVD
An open-eyed video meditation
by Rev. William Duby

This meditation video uses the symbol of the circle to help clear and center the mind. The circle was considered a sacred symbol by all the ancients. It represented the ALL. All was realized within All. So pure, so simple and so divine was the circle that the sages of all the ages have used it as a mandala to meditate upon. Looking into the circle without trying to see anything in particular was meditative.


Meditation & Hypnosis CD
by Rev. William Duby

After decades of teaching thousands how to meditate, Rev. Bill created this program to simply, easily, and effectively make the benefits of meditation available to everyone. Most people never relax enough mentally, or take long periods of effort to enter meditation. These recordings will help you to use the principles of hypnosis to aid in preparing you to meditate. Find out how easy meditation can be!


Centering Meditation

Calm the mind and still the thoughts. This recording will gently guide you into your center, the very core of your being. Experience what it's like to be free from the babble of the thought stream so you may become centered and focused on your Higher Self. Then you will understand the meaning of the words "Peace, be still, I am in quiet meditation." This is a great recording to help you unwind from a hectic day. Find a comfortable place, turn off the phone - and let go!


Activating Your Personal Success Blueprint CD

Success is your birthright. The success blueprint is geneticallly encoded at conception. Oftentimes we lose sight of that original information and accept ideas of lack and limitation. On this recording, William Duby will guide you into a very relaxed state of mind and body, where he will work with your subconscious mind to activate your personal success blueprint. This lueprint is designed to attract positive and prosperous experiences into your life and help you manifest your most desired goals without effort.

We recommend listening to this recording for 30 days.


You Can... Attract The Perfect Mate Now CD

This recording will guide you into your subconscious mind, helping you to release past time pain and negative experiences in relationships. From the trance state you can now use your imagination to image in a healthy relationship, bbeginning with developing a new outlook on loviing and accepting yourself first; then picture and feel what you want to experience in a relationship with another person. You can attract the perfect mate now!


New Age Weight Loss
by Marc Reymont

You can use a whole new way to approach weight loss: using the power of your mind. New Age Weight Loss is a dynamic method that focuses on the root cause of WHY we become overweight. The Power of belief is what shapes our experience, and this recording works on the source of limiting beliefs about ourselves and our bodies.







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