The Dancing Mandala - The Ideal Meditation
A visionary experience beyond belief ~ Subject: Divine Love
by Rev. William Duby

This was the first video meditation that Rev. William Duby recorded. He created this meditation tool in 1989 as computer graphics were in their infancy. Knowing the healing power of color, the symbol of the mandala and inspired to use this new art form to help facilitate the meditation experience, Rev. Bill created a beautiful and effective visionary tool.

Using computer graphics, this video uses the healing power of color. The mandala-like circles generate through many colors as well as changing the color and speed of the image being looked at. This creates a powerful meditation tool designed to help center the user and clear from their mind whatever may be causing dis-ease.

In Rev. William Duby's own words:

The spiritual exercise which you are about to experience is profound. So profound that you might not even know that something has happened until later. Then, as with others who have experienced this happening, you'll be astounded. In other words, "it worked!"

My work with you, if you are ready, willing and able, is to help you awaken, remain awake and begin to see what you are missing. No one has taught you to stay awake. This spiritual exercise will help do just that. You, however, are the very one which has the power to "cop an attitude." I csn't stop that. I can only help you, if, and only when, you are ready, willing and able to help yourself.

You are the human spirit of that human body. It is about time you took rulership over your emotional nature. You'll know that you have done so when nothing in this world of people, places and things bother you whatsoever. Until then, you are in the process of taking over. Might as well begin now.There's no time like the present, right? - Rev. William Duby


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